What’s this blog about?

This blog is a journey through my life and my thoughts – real and honest. About travel, self-discovery, mental health, spirituality, philosophy, diet, environment, activism, diving and everything that matters to me… No defined subject, no pattern, no order, just chaotic as my mind.


Who am I?

Julia, 31 years, made in Germany, but a citizen of the world (universe)…

Nomad | Globetrotter | Free Spirit | Thinker | Dreamer | Explorer | Scuba Diver | Vegan | Weirdo | Fish | Alien

A few years ago, my plan was adulting, building a career (Marketing), getting married (September 2011), having kids (with 25) and buying a house. Picture perfect family living the life everybody around me was aiming or already living and just perfectly fitting in. I realized early that this wasn’t what I wanted, but I thought it’s what I need to do, because that’s just what we do. Pretty much my whole life I was confused, but I thought that’s part of growing up and this feeling of chronic dissatisfaction and not fitting in will fade after some time. It didnt! My longing for something different was getting stronger and it was killing me. I was extremely unhappy and lost and I felt misunderstood. I had no idea who I was and where I was going. I knew I had to do something, so I decided to travel and everything changed. My perception of life, my understanding of relationships and human connection and the way I see myself. I learned to listen to my heart and follow my inner calling, I learned to understand myself and be kind to me and others. I learned what really matters in life (to me) and formed a whole new belief system and values. I’ve slowly created the life I always wanted to live, my authentic life, the life I was born for. Today I am truly happy and content, because I am doing what I want to do and I am the person I always wanted to be. I’ve finally formed the personality and identity I was lacking my whole life.

During this whole process (since 2011), I often felt overwhelmed and paralyzed by my experiences, impressions and my confusing thoughts. It sometimes was hard to handle and I was struggling to understand. That’s why I started writing. With this blog I want to get rid of what’s in my mind to channel and organize my thoughts, but also I want to inspire and help people in similar situations to change their perspectives and lifes and to find themselves and happiness.


QUERREISEN?!? What’s that?

It is a german word to appreciate my german roots and my beautiful native language. It is not an actual word, but more my own creation and has a lot of meanings and leaves room for interpretations. REISEN means travel and obviously refers to my passion to travel the world, but it also reflects my ongoing personal journey on finding myself and my role in this world. QUER means cross… which could be taken as chaotic, unconventional and unorganized. Perfect words to describe me, my life and this blog.